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What clay body do you use?

"I use c6 B-Mix for my wholesale and commission work and I use a range of brown and black c6 clays when producing my own lines of work."


Primary forming method?

"I have primarily used the wheel to create my work, but have recently begun hand-building and hope to transition into more of it"

Primary firing temperature?

"Mid-range, Cone 5/6"

Favorite surface treatment?

"Textured raw clay fired in an atmospheric firing, wood or soda kiln"

Favorite Tools?

"I love a good wooden rib" 

Describe your studio environment.

"Dirty, several projects in different stages all over the place. Constantly being re-arranged! My younger cat is asleep in my desk chair and my dog is sitting right at my feet or at the back door. If it is warm enough, as much natural light as I can get in there without my pets escaping"

How/Where do you market & sell your artwork?

"I market my work on my instagram page and sell through my website. My pieces at a local restaurant stir up new wholesale clients for me often. I also try to attend as many markets in Houston and Austin as I can, from farmers markets to large scale craft fairs"

What sparks your creativity? What drives you to work with clay?
"The clay itself! I love clay, earth, dirt. As our beginning and end. The material itself keeps me coming back, wanting to be with it and hopefully create something worthy of it"

Did you come to ceramics from a different career? Tell us about your journey to a ceramics career.
    "I did not come to it from a different career, but I did not start college majoring in ceramics. I changed over to ceramics from an Intercultural Studies major and haven’t looked back since."

    How have you have taken your experience as a well-established maker in the field and passed that knowledge along to other artists?
      "I would not consider myself well-established, but I have offered my experiences and the lessons I have learned to other makers"

      What’s the best advice you’ve been given by a fellow maker, mentor, or teacher?

        "To not overwork the clay. It has its limits, it is a forgiving medium, but it will whisper to you when it's about to give in, and you need to listen carefully"

        Website URL and other social media platforms:


        Instagram: @sierra.estes


        Sierra Estes grew up overseas to American parents and was always interested in art classes when they were available. She returned to her birthplace of Tennessee to attend Union University in Jackson where she discovered her love of clay. She received her B.A. in Ceramics in 2015 and moved to Houston in 2016 with her husband to start her ceramics business.


        PO Box 667401
        Houston, TX 77266

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