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ClayHouston Newsletters are electronically sent out monthly to each registered member. The newsletter is a collection of member announcements, local and regional exhibitions and timely information that influences the clay community. 

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ClayHouston member news and information is due by 27th of each Month at 5 p.m. for inclusion in the Monthly Newsletter & Website Postings.

Newsletter Information:

Please submit your information that pertains for upcoming next two months only.

Do Not Send Large Documents or links to websites for us to extract your information.

Please send your information in a format similar to the following:

Annabeth Rosen announces the opening of her exhibition, "Fired, Broken, Gathered, Heaped", at Contemporary Arts Museum, 5216 Montrose Blvd, Houston, Tx 77006 on August 18, 2017, from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM. Her exhibition runs from August 18, 2017 through November 26, 2017. To view her work click here 

Proof and edit your work. No bold or all caps in text, do provide internet links if needed. 

Images: GIF, PNG, or JPEG file. DO NOT SEND PDF files. All images must be formatted for web-viewing at less than 1MB file size (around 100kb is ideal) and 600 pixels or less wide.

Website Posts:

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