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What clay body do you use?

"I used to use a lot of different clays in my work. My favorite for throwing is B-Mix, but these days I mostly work with black mountain and cone 10 porcelain."

Primary forming method?

"I do throwing, hand building, and slip casting depending on the project or idea I'm working on. I find spending time at the potter's wheel is good therapy for my soul and a reminder that it's ok to make mistakes and start again. But it's not a good workout for my back!"

Primary firing temperature?

"I prefer to fire to cone 10 or cone 6. Also, whenever I have the opportunity to do raku or wood firing, I take it!"

Favorite surface treatment?

"I like to combine different clays, so I generally prefer naked clay to show the natural beauty and tonal contrast."

"Nest" 2019

"Not One More (Ni Una Mas)" 2018


"Nature"   2019

"In Line" 2015

"Not One More (Ni Una Mas) " 2018

Favorite Tools?

"If I had to pick only one tool it would be my hands, but I also love to use wood skewers, X-Acto knives, rollers, brushes, slip bottles, and more."

Describe your studio environment.

"I have two studios. The one at Sawyer Yards I use more for displaying my work. My other studio is my garage where I have my potter's wheel, my tools & goodies, my found objects, and where it's okay for me to make a mess."

"Standing Together" 2014


"9 11"  2008



"Standing Together" 2014

" 9 11"  2008

How/Where do you market and sell your artwork?

"I show my work at my studio in Silver Street Studios and I push myself to participate in events and artist calls. I also rely on word-of-mouth to reach new clients and venues."

What sparks your creativity? What drives you to work with clay?

" I find inspiration in nature, daily life, and current events. For me, clay really allows me to physically interact with forms, shapes, and textures, plus it helps me to express myself in more abstract ways than painting on a canvas."


                                                                  "Just a Number"  2019                                                                                                    "Just a Number"  2019

                                                                                                                            Detail                                                                                                                     Metal, Ceramic, Wood


"Burka" 2010                                                                           "Layers"  2019


    Did you come to ceramics from a different career? Tell us about your journey to a ceramics career.

        "Yes. I'm a painter, but when I took a community college ceramics class with Jay Calder - a great artist and professor - I fell in love with clay. I have been taking ceramics classes ever since. For me it is another way to approach some ideas I can't express with paint, so I go back and forth between these two media."

        "Growing"  2020

        "Behind Bars" 2016

        How have you have taken your experience as a well-established maker in the field and passed that knowledge along to your other artists?

        "I love to work with other artists and I enjoy chatting with them about my way of approaching different tasks and techniques. It's never a case of them being the only ones gaining new knowledge: they always teach me something, too! In the future, I hope to teach some classes myself."


        "Tangled"  2015

        What’s the best advice you’ve been given by a fellow maker, mentor, or teacher?

          I have had many great teachers and I learned something from each of them. One of my teachers always says, "Don't fall in love with your piece," because things can happen anywhere in the process - even after it's finished. Ceramics can be very temperamental."




          "Standing"  2018

          Raku Fired


          Website URL and other social media platforms:


            Instagram: @angelacorson_artist


            Angela Alvarado Corson grew up in Colombia. After college, she moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While in Pittsburgh, she realized what an important part art played in her life and began attending workshops in drawing and painting from a variety of schools and instructors.

            In 2006, Angela moved to Houston, Texas, where she has continued developing her talents and seeking out worthwhile learning opportunities. This has led her to being able to work full time as a professional artist and to have her own studio.

            During her time as an artist she has progressed from charcoal drawings to oils and acrylics, and from small pieces to large scale murals. In fact, Angela is recognized in her community for having painted dozens of murals in local elementary schools, other public spaces, and private homes. She also spends much of her time creating ceramic works, and has also branched out into metal sculptures.


              PO Box 667401
              Houston, TX 77266

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